Monday, June 19, 2006

Work and Ruin

My machine and my work. Ready to roll. I haven't worked on this particular piece since I sewed my left index finger to it last fall. Been a bit skittish. Time to get over it. And I have newly polished (Red) nails. They are so very sparkly in the light of the sewing machine. Makes working all the more interesting.

Woke up today to discover that during the night something nasty ate my luxuriant tomato plants. Chewed all the perfect leaves and left me with the stalks. At least they didn't pull the plants out of the soil----

Like these poor Calundula. And they were set to open their beautiful orange and gold flowers today. I am despondent. I've planted tomatoes and marigolds for years--right by the front porch--and no animal has ever done this before. It wasn't deer because the hosta is not one foot away from the "scene of the crime" and deer never leave hosta uneaten. I said a few really bad words when I discovered the destruction. I better not actually see the critter because I may have to beat it severely with my umbrella. Handy at the door in case of rain, you know.
And in case you wonder why I have tomatoes planted by the front porch--- I like to pick and eat cherry tomatoes when I go out to get the mail every day.

My husband is building a grape trellis for a friend today. The work has taken longer than planned because it's the first one either of them has built. They have reported in during the day to tell me how things are progressing.

I am no closer to selecting the perfect "blue" for my studio than I was last time I wrote. But I am down to two choices. A clear aqua blue and a yellowy aqua ( think 30's). When painted, the upstairs room with huge skylights will seem to to open to the sky. At least that is what I am hoping for.


Deborah said...

I'm so happy to see this quilt again. Big bummer about the plants.

Deb R said...

Poor 'mater plants.

I still love that quilt!