Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Buttons and Boogiemen

I got all the zigzag topstitching done. My pieces are raw edge but then I have to stitch them down. So very Virgo, the controlling side. Then I added the blue rick rack and assumed that there would be "enough". A fast trip to JoAnn's---ugh ---- and I was back to it. While I was purchasing the rick rack a package of buttons got into my mind and hands. They sort of look like seeds. Of course, we are decades away from the time when I can actually sew buttons to this piece.

The Boogiemen:

Fear of failure
Fear of success
Unmanaged guilt
Distractive lifestyle
Chronic depression
Poisonous pedagogy
Professional discouragement
Overwhelming responsibilities

I've been living with several of these for a while now and I think it may be time for them to go visit someone else. Isn't it strange that "fear of success" is sometimes the strongest of all?

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Shelina said...

This is really pretty. How about doing one button a week? Then trick yourself to going from that to one a day to finishing all of them at one time. I find that starting is the hardest part.

Of course, you could use it as training to teach a young kid to sew buttons.