Friday, June 02, 2006

Beautiful Bones

For several (really lots) of months now I have been having terrible pain in my right hip and I was afraid I would need a hip replacement or something. I had worked myself up into a real panic. Finally, yesterday, I went to the Orthopedic Dr. and he immediately sent me to Diagnostic Imaging which used to be the X-ray department. I had my first six x-rays. Three of my spine and three of my hip. They came up on the computer screen and I was really excited to see my very own bones. Beautiful bones as it turned out.

My spine is lovely. I have evenly spaced vertibrae. No arthritis. My hip joint is perfect also. No arthritis. My doctor said I have an inflamation of my bursa. Like hip bursitis. I am on these horse pills to lessen the pain and inflamation. The pills are making me very spacey--and that's saying something because I'm normally all over the place in the thinking/talking department anyway. But I am so very, very happy that my bones are beautiful.

I was so happy that I wasn't even upset that I had left the top down on my roadster and it rained and filled up the little car with water. Now that's happy. And I hadn't even taken a pill yet.

In answer to comments about the "art" in my last post. That is a very small--4 inch square--of embroidered crazy patchwork. Made years ago. I dug it and some companions out of a heap of unfinished work. A friend is making me a pair of socks and I am finishing one of the pieces of crazy embroidery for her. I just hope my work is as lovely as my new socks. Before I became an art quilter (???) I was really into Baltimore applique and Crazy Quilting. Can you believe it? I went from really controlled stuff to wide open no rules stuff. Of course, my Baltimore applique was made with only dotted fabric. I've always been all about the dotz.

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PaMdora said...

Those bone drawings ARE beautiful. Maybe you could do some collages based on bones. My friend just finished a quilt of the bone in her leg that she broke when she fell off a curb. Since that was last year, she used the metal plate that was in her leg for six months and sewed it on the quilt. It's very beautiful.