Monday, June 26, 2006

And Now --- Summer

All of my "volunteer" obligations are now done. The Book Sale is history. And I think we made a historic high figure in sales. Nearly $30,000. We -- the book sale volunteer crew-- are over the moon with happiness. Sunday was a "zoo" and we sold nearly everything in the $2.00 per bag sale. Great books.

The picture at the top of this post is my rendition of our "tomato cage" project. I purchased too many (how can there be such a thing?) tomatoes and now they are growing like crazy and need cage supports. Today we will attach the two uprights together. I was drilling holes and screwing the screws in and feeling very "handy" yesterday. We worked so long that dinner was served at 8 pm.

Art content. This has been lacking on this blog but I'm getting down to finishing some things. This is a pastel of the woods out my window--in the rain -- from my journal.

I was writing in my journal every day for about 6 weeks and then started taking those horse pills and being all loopy. I have the attention span of a bug right now. The up side of the loopy-ness is that I can sew for hours and have no idea how long I've been working. I usually just wonder why I'm tired or hungry. The hip is feeling great so the pills are working.

We are still unemployed and the COBRA for our health insurance is $1020 a month. I got a comment from someone when I mentioned this before. American health care is a ridiculous mess. And to make it worse, my husband and I are healthy and not on any expensive medications so it's like insurance against some future, unknown, disaster that may or may not occur in the next few months.

Enough of that. I just got a nice heavy box from and inside is my Nancy Crow book and Art Quilts: A Celebration. Just looking at the covers is making me weak in the knees. So guess what I'm going to be doing today? And then we're ordering new tires for my car.


Deborah said...

Excellent sketches. I must do tomatoes next year. Especially the tiny ones. I love those. I want to see more of that lamp that is on the opposite side of the tomato sketch. I'm in the market for lamps.

Deb R said...

Congrats on the book sale!

Very cool sketches.

You're right, American health insurance is a ridiculous mess.

Elle said...

Yes, health insurance is a mess! So is car insurance! They're like necessary evils or something.