Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Color Week

I wanted to "play" along. Here is my couch in it's summer white slipcover. I just love the feel of the white duck on my bare legs in the summer. I made the pillow slipcovers on Monday from $1 each scraps. That's my stuffed dog looking out the window.

Brown and black and white. Dried runner beans from last year on a cake cooling rack. Love the way this looks.

My white porch with my antique wire birdcage (brown). Yes, I have decorated it with manila tags. I left them plain but guests expressed dismay that there was no "secret" art on them. Now each tag has been hole punched with a "secret" code. I am thinking of adding something to the inside. A large head made out of brown paper. I know that sounds very weird--but that's the kind of stuff that pleases my eye. I saw just the sort of head I want in a Fasching parade. A headless man in black was carrying his large paper head in his hands. Quite an image.

Work today and then no work until Tuesday. I plan on shopping for a dreamy blue for the walls of my new studio upstairs. Something like Posie Gets Cosy used in her studio. Perhaps my car will be repaired and returned to me tomorrow. I can hope.

Blogger is thinking about failing.

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