Sunday, July 15, 2018

Daily Notes-- July 15

Reminded of the sweet afternoons of childhood.  Reading with the breezes ruffling the curtains. I think I was also interested in the google-eye pillows.  As a quilt idea.

The baby quilt is done and sent off to my daughter who is going to the baby shower on Tuesday. Nick of Time, right?  But breaking all the components of the "making" was the key here.  Just enough each day and then I could walk away.  No stress.  Sewing and making should be fun.  Not work.

Final game of the World Cup today.  Then Goodwill.  It's cloudy, muggy and heavy here today. I keep hoping for rain.  Nope.

Have no idea what to make for dinner or supper today.  Possibly a stop at the meat counter at the grocery to see what's on sale.  Or more steak tips in that marinade recipe G likes so much.  I have cherries to eat and a baby watermelon.

I don't do well, eating, in the summer.  Plenty of tummy troubles in the summer.  I am also considering making granola.  I have coconut flakes and jars full of seeds from the elimination diet.  I may need to eliminate more foods from my diet in the summer.  Waiting for zucchini--- I like it sliced and grilled or pan saut√©ed.  Might have to just start with some from the grocery.  I was eating a big panful every day during the elimination diet.  And the Peach Smoothies.   No dairy and no wheat is best in the summer.  Or I could fall back and make the vegetable soup I had been eating before summer arrived.  Food shouldn't make you feel awful.  But it does.  Sometimes.

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grace Forrest~Maestas said...

don't know if i've said anything about this, but Alyssia and i had been/still are
to some extent working the AIP diet for her "Lupus". It has been a real
eye opener.