Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Will Spring Be Colder Than Winter???

The wind is blowing.  And it's very, very cold.  G is bundled up in as many down items as I can stack on top of him.  He's cold.  Stays cold.  But is getting stronger every day.

We are on that "one day up and one day down" roller coaster that is "recovery". We've had the visiting nurses here.  One just to "check on the household" and today's visit from a very nice RN who checked G throughly, took blood for the doctor's visit tomorrow, and chatted with G about how he feels, is using the pain meds etc.  She wants more walking.  So I got him set up with a heavy sweater, gloves and his chest vent "tote bag" and off he went--around the house.  All by himself.  For 8 minutes.

I used the iPhone to take a picture of the lung vent tube inserted in his right lung.  He had no idea what it looked like.  We also took a picture of the "knob" and"zipper" he now has down the middle of his chest.

He's coughing a bit more than usual today (loosening up the junk in his lungs) and he hasn't had the "sneeze" yet but has been told it's pretty horrible when it happens.

He's eating.  I'm not sure I am making him things he actually would pick off a menu.  Today it was fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Basil leaves.  A crusty bit of baguette. (probably not something for a cold day) Dinner will be pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce.  Familiar favorites. G doesn't like soup other than chicken noodle--salty--so I can't make that.

I bought a nice pork tenderloin and am looking for a recipe for cooking it.  G likes his pork sweet and sticky.  So, I am looking for something Asian inspired.  But not too much soy--as we are low sodium now.

I was going to make his new favorite lasagna "cupcakes" but can't find the package of won ton wrappers I tucked into the freezer.  I have pulled open the drawers three or four times, looking, and still no luck.  I have a small amount of egg noodles in the fridge and might just layer them up with lasagna fixings and bake them.  I think two small oven proof cups.  Easy enough to pop into the oven to bake.

I have the dishwasher going, am in the middle of cleaning my bathroom vanity (ick), have to do the evening pills and we have to be at the hospital by 9:45 for the chest X-ray.  So, we need to leave home by 8:45 at the latest (to find parking)---- it takes quite awhile to get G up and dressed in the morning so I think I will be setting the alarm for "still dark" tomorrow.  Early bedtime.


Paula, the quilter said...

I was just thinking of both of you and wondering how things were and here is your post. Thanks for the update. Wishing both of you well.

Terry Grant said...

Oh my, Joanne. I have gotten so far behind in my blog reading I did not know about your husbands heart attack. Gerrie told me this morning. We're your ears burning? How frightening for both of you. I am so glad he is recovering, though it sounds so painful. What a terrible winter you have had. Spring will be such a relief. Sending good thoughts to both of you from Oregon.