Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Life Is Never Boring

I was working on the laundry and the classes.  G was out clearing last night's snow with the snowblower.

He came in, pale, shaking with chest pain.
We talked about what it could be. The chest pain increased. I gave him baby aspirins.

I drove him to the local hospital emergency room (but I had actually tried to talk him out of going).  While I was parking the car about 20 people descended on him and started hooking him up to things, reading the machines, and calling for more doctors. It was serious.

My husband had a heart attack, right there in front of me.

He got a very fast lights and sirens ride in an ambulance to a cardiac unit at a larger hospital.
He had a completely blocked vein which now has a stent.
He may need bypass surgery on an artery, we'll know tomorrow.

He apologized to me for being in the hospital and having a heart attack. (tears)

My daughter was a real trooper.  She drove from work and was there in the big hospital when he got into his room. (she stayed calm and strong)  (very proud of her)

I had to find someone to drive me  to the big hospital (fantastic neighbors and co-workers).  I was shaking like a leaf after driving home from the emergency room.   I could have gone in the ambulance but I had to go home to Riley.  Make sure he was okay. He knew something was wrong before we left for the ER.  He kept putting his head on G's chest.

Tomorrow I'll take G a library book and his hearing aids.  As the nurse very strongly told me " he isn't going home tomorrow--he had a heart attack today".

I know.  I saw it happen.  On the monitors.


carolph said...

Sorry to hear of G's recent health issues, but thank goodness for modern medicine. It is always scary to see a loved one in distress. Hope you are feeling better more shaking I hope.
Take care.

martha bilski said...

sending healthy thoughts from long island.

Karen Rips said...

Oh my gosh Joanne, how terrible. Having been thru this ten years ago with my husband( with follow up stent placement), I totally understand yourr fears and worries. I hope everything goes smoothly and you're all home soon

Paula, the quilter said...

Wishing G a speedy recovery. Give Riley extra attention: he knows something is wrong.

Susan Sawatzky said...

Joanne, it sounds like you did all the right things, particularly the aspirin, for G. My best to both of you.


Gerrie said...

Sending love an light and hugs. I know how anxious you must feel. Hang in - he made it this far and he will get great care and be healthier than ever,

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Hugs to you. That was so a day you didn't want to have. Glad that your husband is in the big hospital.

diane said...

Oh, Joanne, I am so sorry to read this. I hope your husband is doing well and will have a good recovery. Both of you are in my prayers as well as Riley and your daughter. Wishing you a good outcome to this crisis. Take care.

Gretchen said...

That had to be very scary. I'm glad that you made it to the emergency room and that your husband is in good medical hands. My thoughts are with you and your husband and Riley. Keep us posted.

MariMo said...

Gute Besserung to G and you - I hope that all will be back to normal soon. Hugs, Mom

Jan said...

Oh dear, I can imagine what you're going through after that horrible episode of my husband's pneumonia when we were in Chicago. One minute you're living life and the next, you're careening down the highway to the jarring experience of the emergency room. I'm a day late here ~ hope by now things are under control and G is comfortable and on the mend. Please, take care of yourself during this stressful time.