Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Let The Spring Cleaning Begin

The dust here in the living room finally got to be "too much" and I had G help me take down all the curtains.  Into the washing machine they went and I started in washing the windows, the lampshades (gosh do they get filthy), the tables.  I'm leaving the floors to G.  Once he vacuums, I can go over the hardwood with some Bona.

I'm liking this piece of fabric art I got off the internet, so much, I am thinking of drafting a plan for something "like" this but not this.  I don't have any of these colors in my fabric closet or boxes.  It all reminds me of the very first hand appliqué project I made.  Years and years ago.  In a box, unfinished because I outgrew the primitive look.

Yes, I outgrew it.  For awhile there I was into primitive, depression and civil war because the gals I hung with were and well, it felt okay.

But eventually (I visited California) I started enjoying polka dots in cobalt blue, golden yellow and magenta.

And, as the colors heated up the friendships cooled.

The colors up top make me wonder what friends I would have made if I had chosen coral and aqua instead.

These are the thoughts one has, going into the third month of furlough from work.  I called work today and there is a truck bringing over some perennials to fill the annual house.  The greenhouse is still empty.  I am still not needed.  But, soon.  Another week or two.

This year the furlough has gone so very fast. Whoosh!!  I have been reading, napping and walking the dog with G (sometimes).  The sun has been shining a few days in a row (still way cold) but a few inches of the skylights are free of snow pack.  I am working on two classes we'll (work)be teaching off site in April--which makes the days go by.  Vegetable Gardening and Container Gardening.

I'm thinking of trying my hand (well, G's with me giving orders) at Power Point.  The attention span of the audience: they like to look at pretty pictures and forget anything you said while they look at the pictures. I have pinned a great many container pictures on Pinterest.  A pinning whirlwind. And, was amazed to see a great many emails regarding the "repinning" of the items I pinned.  So odd. The internet is indeed a powerful force.  Which reminds me--I need to print the "pin" of the bathroom vanity I want.

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