Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday, Monday

Snowing.  When will it ever stop????

G has been on the phone most of the morning--making appointments.  Apparently, everyone in Maine who had the right set up--had a heart attack in March.  G has to wait to get into Cardio Rehab and has to wait for appointments with his doctors.  On the positive side: he didn't have the Widow Maker. Others weren't so lucky and their families are planning funerals.  Two that I know of last week.

The Open House was good.  I was very tired when I got home and am happy to have today off.  I have already watered the plants "over-wintering" in the attic-- and they are doing very well--even the geraniums.  I need to start my tomato seedlings. And my pepper seedlings.  And the onions.  And the fennel.  And, I need to take the dog for a walk.  He hasn't had a walk in quite a few days.

What I actually want to do is sit on the cozy couch and read my library book.

The visiting nurse is here.

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