Saturday, March 07, 2015


Well, Friday G had his bypass surgery. 11:30 to 3pm. The breathing tube came out at 9:30.

It went very well and three arteries were bypassed.  His heart re-started.  His lungs inflated.

G was back in his room 40 minutes after surgery--this hospital has what is know as "single stay" and he is admitted to a room, stays there prior to surgery, returns to it after surgery (the room had ICU equipment rolled in), does rehab in the room and walks the halls outside his room to build strength and process oxygen, and is then processed to return home from this same room.

No moving around the hospital.  Same staff caring for you from being admitted to being discharged.
Continuity.  Friendship.  Caring.  Establishing who you are as a person--not just a patient.

Which is amazing.  One nurse said "we have to judge the truth of the situation by what is happening with the patient not just judging by the machines".

As my dear, dear friend N was dropping me off at the main door this morning for the fourth day in a row, the iPhone in my purse rang (it's G's) and it was him.  Yes, less than 18 hours after bypass surgery, calling me to ask where his glasses were.  Everyone was looking for them.

Amazing.  N and I shared a very happy high five.

He looks good.  Because of a prior lung condition, they are having to tread lightly with oxygen and other things.  The blood pressure was fluctuating until we realized his hands and fingers were cold.  So, under the blanket they went and the numbers were soon in the acceptable range.

Coughing with a split sternum is not pleasant.

And the reason I am not driving myself is that the return trip would have to be in darkness.  I don't see well in the dark.  And, while the daytime drive would be stressful, the anxiety of thinking about when to leave to miss darkness and rush hour traffic is more than my compromised nervous system could deal with.

My daughter and I are now thinking ahead to discharge day.  Choosing a television room chair that is high enough to get G in and out of without use of arms (by him).  Getting into our tall four poster bed--we are considering some kind of sturdy step--with no arm use to pull up or balance with.  And the toilet.  Ours are not (yet) chair height. We already have a shower seat but no spray wand.  These are all things that we WILL have when the two baths are remodeled.  Because we were PLANNING for when one of us might need special handicapped things thinking it was in our future not our present.  The joke is on us, isn't it?

Well, we'll REALLY KNOW what is needed after this won't we.  A bit late but still.........

No arms (in use) because pressure exerted by the arms puts pressure on the wired sternum.  Pulling the healing bone--apart. Ouch!!!


dee said...

So glad to read that he is resting and on the mend. I didn't think you'd be posting so I sent you an e-mail just now. Nice that your friend could spare you the night driving. Keep well and strong.

Gerrie said...

Have been wondering how everything was going. Sounds like you are moving along and getting along. So glad you have your daughter and friends to help you. Hang in there. Your life will be a little different for a bit.

MariMo said...

Sounds good - so glad he is in such good hands.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

So glad post-op is going well. As for those adjustments at home, you'll figure it out - you're creative.