Sunday, March 15, 2015

Is It Spring Yet????

No grass showing but the expected storm--well, it went somewhere else, I guess.  Not that I am complaining.  I was not looking forward to shoveling the driveway.

G is home.  This happened on Saturday morning.  We got settled into a sort of routine with visits to the bathroom (thank you to our daughter for installing the raised toilet seat), naps, adjustments to the wing chair where G is napping, reading email and watching tv.

He slept on one of the two extra long couches in the living room last night because out four poster bed is just a little too high.  The couch is just a little bit too low.  As is the case in most everything, getting down onto the couch was a whole lot easier than getting up off the couch.  We managed with the 9 step program (of my own making) starting with two or three harder pillows being added behind his back to get him into a more "seated position".  We had to stop often while he worked through the discomfort.  He has a lung tube that cause "twinges".

My friend P, asked at her gym this morning, and they are graciously lending us one of their "step" exercise steps.  G will be able to step up on the "step" and then settle his bottom onto the bed and "roll" onto his back.  This also will "twinge" quite a bit.  It looked so much easier when the PT helpers did it.

Best of all, G is finally eating and has some appetite.  I served him a simple pasta with marinara and he had two servings.  Still not happy with the low sodium turkey or ham I got for him but he liked the cracker (only one) and the chocolate chip cookie I home baked for him.  I skipped the salt in the recipe.  G is lucky--not diabetic.  So he gets all the sugar he wants.

I want you all to start looking at the labels on the stuff you eat.  So much sodium in everything. Fat-well I was into that on Atkins and I know what has fat and what doesn't.  The lower the fat content--the higher the sodium.  Wrong on so many levels.  Try to lower your fat intake and they kill you with sodium.  And bread.  Try to find low sodium bread.  Even the multigrain loaf was over the top.  360 grams in one slice.  Limit is 2000g per day.  About a teaspoon.  I will be making my own bread for him to eat.  I think the no knead one you toss into a hot cast iron casserole.

In fact, I will be taking care of him 24/7 and not going back to work until his recovery is complete. Six weeks. I'm not being a saint here.  For better or worse.  He'd do the very same for me.


Paula, the quilter said...

So glad he is home.

MariMo said...

Good that he is at home again. Hope the twinges will stop soon. Don't forget your own well-being Joanne - a lot of your strength will be needed the upcoming 6 weeks. Sending you all our love.