Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Open House @ Work

I've gone back to work.  Three part time days and tomorrow a full time day--starting way too early.  I have to go in and water before the Early Bird Sales.  I am NOT an Early Bird.

I went to the grocery today and stocked up on elements.  Sweet potatoes to bake (I like them as a meal).  A roasted turkey breast from the deli.  Sliced ham and cheese.  Some ground beef to add to a can of marinara so G can have "pasta" when ever he desires.  Even a wheat pizza dough ball for an onion and mushroom pizza. Items that can be quickly mix and matched for a low sodium meal or two.  And for me, two large tubs of Greek yogurt as my favorite lunch is yogurt with fresh fruit.  Grapefruit.  Mango.  Peaches and raspberries.  Sounds like Spring doesn't it.

I started watching "DIG" last night.  Jerusalem is the setting.  Plenty of twists, turns, levels, cliffs in the car and on foot chase scenes.  Should be exciting but is mainly confusing. We have to look further and further for things to watch during the basketball playoffs.

Today I moved all the furniture back to the original spots.  G is no longer sleeping on the couch or needing a special chair to sit in (easy to get up and out of).  He looks and acts like he did prior to the heart attack and the surgery.  He may even be feeling better than he did--before.  And yesterday he sneezed and it wasn't the horror he had been led to believe it would be.  His chest didn't split open. Ha!!

Today we are having a light snowfall.  And it's very cold.  But the first crocuses are coming up in the lawn where the snow has melted.  I put all the pots of bulbs outside.  Might as well get used to the real weather.  Tough love.

Well, that's it for now.  I still have the taxes to work on--once I figure out my work schedule.  And then I need to start seeds.  And I have two off site classes to teach on April 14th.  And more classes during the month.  A very, very, busy start to the season.  Whoosh!!!

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