Saturday, January 12, 2013

Working On The Floor

This area was under the fridge (which was embedded into a closet style surround open only at the front) and under the right side of the desk unit.  We couldn't get at any of the damage as the cabinets were in the way.  I mentioned last time that this damage occurred during the Great Ice Storm.  This is the plywood under the wood planks.  A bit of mold and you can see the water damage.  You can also see that whomever laid the original planks did a piss poor job of the seams.  We discussed pulling up more planks but the same "whomever" installed the island ON TOP of the planks.  So to get any planks out, we would then be forced to deconstruct the island which has electrical outlets.  The vote to stop was 2 - 0.

The other area that was water damaged was by the counter in front of the sink.  We must have been VERY sloppy in the first years of living in this house.  Slopping water all over the counter and the floor.  I need to get one of those damaged wood repair kits and work on the trim areas with water damage.  Regain the deep cherry stain.  Now the floors are all done.  I am thinking of freshening up the cupboard doors with new handles.  The ones we have look old.  Like adding new buttons to a jacket.

G has gone for a walk with Riley.  It's 40 something and dripping outside.

The latest heating oil bill has arrived-- $571.  I am deeply depressed.  We have never gotten a bill this high.  And winter hasn't even begun.  Just when we have retired.  Sigh. The long, hot showers that were the highpoint of my days will have to become short, not so hot showers.  We also each got bills for Medicare Part B.

The only bright spot in my day happened after 4pm when I finally got through to Unemployment.  And then had a 20 minute wait until someone picked up my call.  I am just fine.  I had just used up my last week of last year and needed to start over again. Not going to prison. The person I spoke with suggested I ask my employer to keep me on one week longer in December/January and call me back one week later in March to solve this problem.  Sure.  I think a better solution is to not work the last Sunday.  Which puts me into a new week for Unemployment.  I have written in bold Sharpie marker on the 2013 December pages--do not work the last Sunday.  Which is the 22nd.   A bit early to stop working on such a busy holiday. And this is why bad things happen.

Who knows.  I may find a better job this winter.  And make more money. I would like a job making soup.  And making "today's vegetable".  I can always ask around.

I am off to the library to drop off books and pick up a new one.  I saw a number of good reads on the recent visit to Barnes and Noble and added them to my reading list.  One was by a favorite author and I am so pleased that it is the book I am picking up today.  I also plan to stop and see if the grocery has eggplant today.  On Thursday they were out of everything.  Tomorrow I will have a new fridge.  I just can't wait.

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