Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Looking Into The New Year - 2013

Riley has the best seat in the house.  The window.  The heater.  Pook.  The sun when it decides to shine.  And when "looking" wears Riley out, he can stretch out and take a much needed nap.

New Year's Eve was very different.  For the past five years, G has been doing "end of the month" paperwork on the last day of the month and the last day of the year.  Riley and I have spent all of Riley's New Year's Eves together.  Just the two of us.  So, we weren't quite with it yesterday.

Our favorite neighborhood restaurant was fully booked from 5pm on.  BUT, when I asked G to call back, they did have tables open at 4:30.  So we ate dinner very early.  And read our books until around 10 and then started watching a recording of the last Sherlock on PBS.  Then Riley started having some difficulty.  An itchy place on his belly he wouldn't stop licking or scratching.  It was raw and inflamed.  Holiday.  No vets to call.  The internet had some suggestions.  A hot spot.  Bacteria.  Antibiotics.

So.  After a lovely warm compress to clean the area, I applied Neosporin and then we sat with Riley and kept him from licking the area for about 45 minutes.  Long enough for the salve to penetrate and for the two Benadryl to work.  Yes, we gave the dog Benadryl.  This morning the spot is still inflamed but Riley isn't licking it.  He did wake me up in the darkness that is 6 am so I could  let him out and then serve him breakfast.  Then he went back to sleep.  No licking.  Or scratching with his back leg.

I have always believed that the year goes along as it begins.  Whatever you are doing at the end sets the tone for the year.  G and I calmly worked together to help Riley feel better.  Then we, all three, went to bed and slept well.  We are already getting into a routine of eating only twice a day.  Breakfast at around 10 and a late lunch/dinner at around 3 or 4.   A small dessert/coffee at around 7 or 8 for G.

Some trends that I hope change/improve in 2013:
Watching couples and families at the table in restaurants.  Each texting.  No one talking.

More Americans working together to make life better and less ugly bickering.  I have stopped watching the news.  And I shut the TV off as soon as I see John McCain.

Better colors in women's clothing.  The color for 2013 is emerald green.  Gag.

My preparation of an excellent minestrone.  I have lots of work to do on this.  My friend Patty makes an excellent minestrone and doesn't have a recipe to share.  She just uses what she has.  Always so very good.  Never the same.  I need to have better supplies in the pantry and fridge.

The daily art project.  I need one.  So many fiber artists have one.  Not always fiber related.  But something they do everyday.  Something portable so it can be taken with if you go on vacation, to doctor's offices etc.  Sketchbooks.  Embroidery.  Wrapped bundles of found objects on daily walks. Doodles.

I could also make a list of my breakfasts.  They get stranger and stranger.  Or draw them.

Along with these items I have the taxes, the new (2 years ago) window frames to prime and paint, I have a quilt to put together for my dear departed friend's granddaughter and I have ALWAYS (20 years and counting) intended to buy a new fridge.

364 days to go.

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