Sunday, July 30, 2006


I have spent more time in the car than at home this month. Well. Not really. I have been driving to work a lot more than usual. Working 3 and sometimes 4 days each week. Last summer I worked one day a week. So this is like--- 200% more. And I have meetings. I was appointed to a Town Committee and we are having weekly meetings. Every Thursday from 7 to 9. I was expecting one meeting a month or something. WRONG! We did decide to take Thanksgiving Thursday OFF. What about Christmas??? It's like the Scrooge of committees.

And I decided to run for Town Council in my district. ( I must have some serious Karma adjustments to make) I have a nomination petiton that needs 25 to 50 signatures of registered voters. Everyone is on vacation. So I have been walking around knocking on doors. This must be a "pre-test" to see if you're tough enough for the actual election campaign. I'm wondering.

I went to my friend's house this morning and got two large bags of fabric. She is moving and tried to sell the stuff at a garage sale and is now just giving it away. Nice batiks, prints and shibori. And silks. I tried to pay but she said "just get it out of here". So I did.

Made 5 more jars of pickled zucchini. Pints this time and I did the water bath thing again. I figured a pint of tasty pickles is a mighty nice holiday gift. Tomorrow I'm making Refrigerator Pickles. No water bath or salting or soaking. Just scrub the cucumbers, pack into a jar with garlic and dill, vinegar and water and that's it. I think there may be some salt and sugar in with the vinegar. Real tasty with a sandwich. I might ask Patty for a few grape leaves. My Mom always put few in each jar for some reason.

I sliced my right pinkie finger along with the zucchini on the Japanese slicer. Ouch! No stitches. But I got a car ride and an ice cream cone just the same. And I just got a diet Coke on ice with a lime. Wonder what my husband wants? A Tivo?

Today is my son's 35th birthday. How did that happen? I loved him completely the very first time I held him and it's been like that ever since. He grew up to be a very good person. My daughter says I like him so much because he lives all the way across the country and I see him infrequently and he doesn't ask me for favors--like feeding cats for a week, cutting the grass or emptying the hot water heater. Could be. Just wish we could be having dinner and birthday cake with him right now. Happy Birthday! Love You!

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Deborah said...

Did you go to Cote's for ice cream? Sorry about the finger. Miss you!