Thursday, August 03, 2006

Really.....I am working!

My giant bag of fabric from a friend's garage give-away is sitting on my sewing chair. So much good stuff. What will it become? B's fabric choices are so different from mine. Batiks mostly and I have about have a box myself. So we'll see.

The Marigold is backed, batted and basted. I added some blue polka doted fabric around the edges---you can see the ripples in the unattached fabric. One side covered to the petals, the other not. the color is off so don't be too taken with that. It can all be easily removed if I don't like it after a while. The piece was too small for any show--but do I really want it in a show???

My latest "trash formation" out of the wastebasket. Some of the new batik made it onto the top--it was "just right" for the crossed stripes on top. Love when that happens. I also really love making stuff out of the wastebasket. Whole pieces of fabric are just too much "decision" for me. I like digging around in a pile of chopped up fabric looking for something that might "work" rather than starting with some matchy collection of yardage and making a great big mess out of it. I always hate what I make when I have it all planned out. I am such a failure at that. That's kind of where the Marigold is going right now---- too much matchy-ness and not enough "whimsey". I've been told that is what people love about my work--the whimsey.

I try to be a happy, delightful, charming person--somewhat eccentric but in a nice way. I guess when that comes out in the "work" it's a good thing. Need more of that in my life.

Bought 6 pint jars of Fig Preserves (TJMaxx) for my husband. He really loves the fig preserves my friend Kay's mom makes. But the homemade stuff is gone and this is almost as good. Comes from Arkansas. I told Kay about this on the phone last night and now she is going to find some fig trees for her Mom to plant---so we'll have Future Figs.

Yesterday, I had a "meeting" regarding my running for Town Office. Seems someone else wants to run and they can't say no to her. And the incumbent could win a three-way race quite easily. In others words, they "threw me under the bus". My short and very interesting political career is now officially ovah! It hurts to get thrown under the bus.

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jenclair said...

Love both the Marigold and the "trash formation"! Cheerful and fun.