Monday, August 21, 2006

No Picture Monday

I finished the binding on Plantetary Motion 2 and now that it's done--I can stop thinking about it, having it on the design wall, or working on it any more. No pictures either. It stinks.

I have two more things that are progressing *oh, so slowly* to the You Stink pile. I don't think it's the *now* me that's making them stink--I think they were just bad ideas from the start that I have been wasting time trying to SAVE. That's me. The EMT of bad quilts.

I am sad and anxious. G is driving 38 miles one way (5 days a week) to a very physically tiring job. I am constantly worried that he will be in a car accident. Crazy. But I can't stop doing it. If you remember, we almost died in a car accident that for some reason didn't happen at the last second when we were on vacation. Now every time we or just G, gets in the car and goes any distance--well, I'm getting in touch with the grim reaper. I may need therapy.

I bought a whole bag of ProChem stuff in New Hampshire at the World Quilt show. Stuff used to thicken bleach, potato resist, Chlor Stop, soy wax and probably something else I have forgotten. I keep reading and seeing stuff made with these things--so I got some. Now I'll have to find out how to use them as the products have little or no instructions. I still haven't made an order for Lutrador. Need to try painting that also.

I did heat set some painted fabric and then I washed it. No runoff. Woo Hoo! Last time I washed it too soon and all the paint filler came out and dulled everything down. So unhappy. But it's nice to know that any future owner of this stuff can wash it.

I saw a fused quilt in the World Show in NH. Fused hand dyed fabric. And the little squares were all loose and fluttering in the AC breeze. No stitching to hold them down. The quilting went all around them but not over the little squares. I have a feeling that by the time the quilt gets back home, some of the squares will be gone. Bad WU?

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