Thursday, August 31, 2006

Morning Glory

Is there anything prettier? I love the blue flowers that open in the sunshine. And finally we have sunshine. It was cold and rainy for about a week and it's August. So bummed. But this morning the sun was out and it was 78 degrees and I drove with the top down on my car and the radio worked. A GOOD day. A SUMMER day!

When I get home from work I see that my husband has been in the garden. There's usually a big pail full of beans, another one of cherry tomatoes and some more zucchini. There are people telling me they haven't gotten any veggies out of their gardens. I must have magic dirt. G keeps bringing in un-ripe tomatoes. I like them to be very, very red before I pick them. (and eat them in tomato sandwiches) He picks them pink. So my center island is a tomato ripening "spot". They eventually get red but they don't have that "red" taste.

Bobby Flay made oven roasted green beans on his show. Got to try it. We had cherry tomato pasta again today and fresh tomato soup yesterday. I am getting SO GOOD at this cooking stuff. I even made stuffed baked tomatoes and they were excellent. I may even make zucchini "crab" cakes. They had a recipe on the net for this. Swear it's just like crab. I'll try anything once--the worst? Just throw it away.

Nineteen days till my birthday! I'm so excited.

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