Sunday, September 03, 2006

I Am SO Depressed!

I'm posting cheerful pictures to try and pretend I'm cheerful. You wouldn't want to see pictures of a deep, dark hole in the ground would you? This is one of my three monkeys. They have costumes and hang off the bookcase to cheer me on when I'm working. This one is the "party" monkey. The one with her paws over her eyes--- that's the one I most resemble right now.

Wow! Aren't these great fabrics? I've been seeing numbered fabric in some items being posted from Portland, OR and I was lusting after them. At the World Quilts show last month a vendor had these cuties for sale. The swirls came in like a gazillion colors and I wanted ALL of them. But we're on a budget now, so I got the two I couldn't live without and left the others behind. Maybe that's why I'm so sad????

Yesterday I watched a creepy movie in the afternoon and tried to read a book. Nothing worked for me. So I made soup ( fresh tomato and basil) for G and made Patty's Brown Rice for myself. Sauteed onion, celery and garlic in butter and oil and then sauteed the rice ( 3 cups brown Lundberg) with it and added 1 T chili powder and some cayenne and 6 cups of veggie stock and let it simmer for an hour. Creamy, spicy, chewy. Had some cucumbers and radishes with it. Next time I'll reheat it with some cheese and sour cream. Really, I can have it for every dinner. The little black dress of vegetarian meals that you can dress up or down with whatever else you have in the fridge or garden.

Sonji had these great melted beads on her blog. Now I want to make some. Also Sonji had a link to Alma Stoller and I read her tutorials on these funny stuffed beads she makes. Want to make those also. And I read about tar gel and a heat press in J Pettit's blog (linked to Deborah's Journal) where she painted and tar gelled tissue and paper to canvas and plans to sew it all to a tote bag. I REALLY want to do that. I need a GROUP! People who DO Things! I need to have some artistic, in person, stimulation. I'm MELTING!!!!!! Into a puddle of depression.

I've got laundry to do. Clean out the fridge. Make supper. Match socks. Fold. Cry.


martha in ny said...

It is lonely being a creative force in a vacuum, but we are here, reading your blog, making things and lusting after materials right along with you. I hope your cloud lifts soon and you can do something fun.

Deborah said...

Well, this is just no good. How about we meet for a cuppa at the Little Dog Coffee Shop and then browse through LOCA for a bit? I'll be right there. It should only take me three days to drive.

Karoda said...

dang, been there, done that...all i can offer to you at this moment is a cuppa cyber tea. :)

kathy said...

no need to say 'don't be depressed"...I've been there and it doesn't feel good....past tense though. And there's a package in the mail and more tomatoes in the garden:) and cyber tea can be very satisfying!

Kim Carney said...

I am so sorry you are sad! I was feeling a little overwhelmed yesterday and stumbled upon "bridezilla" marathon on WE ... laughed and laughed and thought I AM SANE compared to these crazy women! I can never figure out how the groom will still marry them after they act so badly ... anyway...something funny, obscene, unbelievable might pull you out and make you say ... my life looks great ... ;) Hang in there. xoxoxo

Amy said...

Hang in there...we've all been there at some point..myself now included...must be these rainy glum days and now with summer ending. But we're here listening in, keeping making, making, making!!