Thursday, September 07, 2006

On Being Positive

The days are going by.... and I'm not sleeping all day, eating cheese sandwiches all day or crying, so things are looking up.

Been working at the library. Those three day holidays are a killer. We are still trying to dig out from under the huge piles of returned books, movies and audio books. Looks like everyone did a pre-school clean up over the weekend and brought back all the library materials they had. On Friday I shelved two carts of non-fiction after my 4 hour "standing on my feet" shift in circulation. That may not have been my best plan ever. But we needed empty carts for the "holiday returns". I was going to shelve a third cart (there were FIVE), when my daughter showed up looking for company to eat dinner with. And I was hungry.

I also have been dropping things, knocking things over etc. Glass. So I have a through floor washing in my future to make sure I've gotten all the glass bits up.

Working till 6 pm today and then my committee meeting from 7 to 9. Still trying to save the old high school building (1936) from the wrecking ball. I have learned something. I don't like committees. We've been meeting for 9 weeks and have accomplished exactly--NOTHING!

I volunteered for a sub-committee and the three of us have accomplished everything. The RFQ, the interviews, the consultant choice. I even got the timeline revision going last week by suggesting a timeline no one liked. That will get them going like wildfire. And then they felt sorry for me-- because my timeline was so terrible. I love manipulating people. Especially when they are clueless.

My oatmeal is ready. Time for breakfast.


Samantha said...

Yes the baby cat is better. I took him to the vet Thurs AM first thing and the vet told me it was all in Moomin's upper respiratory track (nasal and back of throat) and his lungs were clear and heart sounded good. A little on the chunky side tho. That damn calorie-laden kitten food. Anyhoo, he told me that Moomin will always have this upper respiratory thing and when he gets stressed, the "veklemptness" is how he will exhibit the stress. 2-4 days he will be better and so he is. He only snores when sleeping upright and sounds a bit juicy while purring. And his "parts" are doing fine.

kathy said...

:) :) :)

nice to hear! Life is too short to spend it in the doldrums!

Shelina said...

I'm glad that you are feeling better. So many of your posts are about cooking - I feel like coming over for a meal!