Monday, September 04, 2006

Just Another Rainy Day

I started the day in a better mood. And I've been watching the TNT marathon of the "Closer" one of my favorite shows on television. Tonight is the season finale. I think Brenda and the chief are relieved of duty. In disgrace. Brenda shouldn't have thrown those pictures into the trash at work. She should have burned or shred them.

I've been drawing up draft designs of some of the quilt ideas swimming around in my head. I had a quilt hanging at the library last month--one that I "drew" on paper first. It really was much better than the ones I make sort of "freehand". More like cutting as I go. The above drawing has a few of the red dahlias from my garden. They are finally blooming. Deep, dark and very red. If there is some sunshine tomorrow I'll try and get a photo. Yummy. Especially the lime green centers.

I also made a tray of green beans-- oven roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper. Bobby Flay tossed on some garlic and shallot when he made his. 425 degrees for 30 minutes till wrinkled and browning. I ate them all for lunch. Delicious.

Pizza and beer for dinner tonight when G gets home from work. He's working the "mid-shift" today. 10 am to 6:30. Saw a beer cocktail on the Food channel. Tall glass, ice, tequila, beer and a wedge of lime. They called it a "Cowboy Cocktail". Bet it will taste good with pepperoni pizza.


Deborah said...

Love the drawing. Especially the bud hanging over the top!

Karoda said...

I love the face and border around it. The green beans and beer cocktail sound delicious too!