Sunday, August 27, 2006

Just Enough. Not Too Much

As soon as I can get Slambo over here to change the marigold picture in my sidebar--this is what you'll see if I make comments. This is what I look like while I'm blogging-- reading or writing. It took for ever to get one sort of okay picture. Too funny.

I wish I could take charming pictures like "posey gets cozy" and "little birds" but I guess not. Most of the time the house is too bright for a good picture and then it's too dark. I feel like Goldilocks.

My car is back home. The radio doesn't work. The door locks do. The red "radio card" is still missing. BMW/Westbrook is still not helping. They can't be bothered to look the number up in their files. I sincerely hate BMW/Westbrook. At times I would love to trade my roadster in for a 3 or 5 series sedan but that would mean having to take it to BMW/Westbrook for warranty service and I just won't do that. Bruce of Atlantic Motorcar is a trillion times nicer. If only he had the radio code in his files. Oh, and it didn't cost a fortune to fix my car. It was just enough.

A long, long time ago, I had my palm read. Just after the reader had read my husband's palm. She, the palm reader, was very perplexed as both our palms said approximately the same thing. We would always have enough. No more. No less.

During the Great Ice Storm about 9 years ago, we were without power for 6 days. No heat, no light, no hot water, no nothing. On the night of the 6th day, I walked up to the end of our street and looked at the pole where the switch that brings, light, heat, and water to take a shower and wash your hair, was blown. Houses on the next street had golden light shining from their windows. Not our street. Well, I looked at that switch and I said "I've had enough". Next day the power truck came to our corner and flipped the switch. And there was hot water.

So whenever things are going good or not so good--I wonder. Do I have enough? Have I had enough? Can I take more? Last week I had had enough by Friday afternoon and I just wanted my little car back. I had had enough of asking friends for rides to work.

As for the zucchini in the garden. I have definitely had "enough". And I would like people to stop trying to give me theirs.

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Deborah said...

Hmmmm. This idea of "enough" is swimming around in my head.

I like the photo! Hey, it's YOU!