Monday, July 17, 2006

Who Knew?

It's getting hot and humid here in Maine. I've been snacking on watermelon cubes even though the 99 cents a pound for watermelon seems crazy. Especially for July! It still gets down to the high 60's at night, so we are still able to sleep but that should be coming to an end soon. The weather map for the US is all orange for the coming week. HOT!

I have broken down completely and been strip piecing. Now my fabric strip cutting is not as accurate as it once was (back in the "day") so the strips aren't all the same width. And now that I have made a bunch and cut and trimmed them---well, I can't seem to think what to do with them. I know I have to make more. And really, that's what I don't like about piecing. You make some great little block and then you have to make like a 1000 more to get anywhere. Tedious.

I'm going back down to the studio, turn on the tv, cut more accurate strips ( I need more) and work on this. I only have a skimpy half yard of the best fabric--so this won't take long. And I've got some sort of bobbin tension problem to solve and a needle that needs replacing. Probably should replace the rotary blade also. That takes up nearly an hour cause I NEVER know how to put the thing back together. And my husband has gone out to meet with the unemployment people to discuss his claim--so he can't do it for me. Oh, bother!

I will edit this post later with a picture of these "adorable" strips. Perhaps I will even have made something out of them by then? Stranger things have happened. This will not be a bed quilt. Not even a baby quilt. This will be SMALL. Perhaps a potholder.


Deborah said...

You crack me up. A potholder?! Pishaw! How about a totebag? They are all the rage, you know.

PaMdora said...

Doesn't look like a potholder now...It looks really big and cool too! I like the zaggy lines, get some more watermelons and keep going!

Sarah said...

I love the color combo! I like the lines too!