Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pickles, Presents and Kitchens

The garden is producing zucchini. Therefore, I am producing zucchini pickles. I made these on Monday. I even did the "water bath" thing. Zucchini, onions, red bell pepper, jalapeno, vinegar and 5 cups of sugar. The stove was sticky with sugar and vinegar as was everything else I touched. Good thing my husband likes to clean up after me.

Present! Painted fabric from the famous Sonji. As thrilled as I was with the present--- I had to leave for work just moments after opening the package. I just wanted to stay home and look at the wonderful colors and textures. I really have a long way to go on this "painted fabric". sonji has such depth in her painting. The more you look, the more you see. Wow!

This was too much of a coincidence. After talking about how much I loved the little playhouse in kindergarten as a five year old --- I get the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and there is my dream kitchen circa 1951. Look at the little knobs on the stove. The little sink. And that chubby, retro fridge. There's even a doll baby! I WANT IT! but where to put it? I guess I'll have to do the next, best thing. Make it into a quilt.

Posie Gets Cozy is working on the second round of the Club Little House project. Twelve people make 12 identical doll house items and then send them to one location where 12 boxes are packed with one of each item and then sent back out. Where was I when this was being organized???? I have a very large Saltbox dollhouse in my living room. With lights in the windows. I love all things tiny and my dollhouse is full of furniture, dolls etc. The tiny beds have pillows and little duvets. I guess I'll just have to make my own stuff. Sniff :( It would have been fun to make stuff with eleven other crafty dollhousers.


Samantha said...

Hey, Mom, I'm part care-taker of the dollhouse too. I remember getting alot of the stuff inside. Especially the teeny tiny silverware and glass (plastic) punch bowl and fancy glasses. I did make two of the quilts (so amateurish, but hand- sewn). Don't forget the cats liked nesting in the attic rooms. I love the dollhouse. You know me and miniatures. Have a good day, enjoy your new fabric!

Samantha said...

Oh, and I saw the '50s pink Pottery Barn kitchen too and immediately thought of you. I even checked out the price to see if it was "presentable". But I see the space issue thing... Bummer!

deb said...

I recognized Sonji's work before I read the text! Use it joyfully.

Elle said...

Love the fabrics and the kitchen's too cute.