Monday, July 03, 2006


I reworked the borders on Planetary Motion II. Taking off the ones that were too light or the wrong color. I've started the topstitiching and need to get this layered with batting and backing. I always hate that part. And I use fusible batting. So I have to find a large, clean spot on the carpeted floor, somewhere in this house and lay it all down and iron it. Finding the clean spot. Could take most of today.

I've gotten this far on the Marigold. Blue rick rack sewn down and blue polka dot fused. I think I will do a satin stitch in orange around some of the petals and I found a very close match to the blue and white polka dot fabric at Marden's last week--- so I'm thinking I might make this wider and longer so I can make the minimum number of inches to enter this in a Mancuso show. Because of the book sale I missed sending in the entry form for World Quilts. And the piece was short on inches to qualify.

I pieced the background and then fused the flowers on. This one is layered with backing and batting already. Small. Just needed to clear off the ironing board. It's cute. My "warm-up" exercise before working on the other two. I always have to warm up or I make horrid mistakes on the big ones. Happen to you???

In a day or two, or maybe later today I have a "rant" regarding the Nancy Crow book and some of Nancy's thoughts on quilting. I will not be complimentary.


Shelina said...

I really like your work. Will look over your archives after this comment. Look forward to hearing your rant.

Deborah said...

I sense a pot is getting ready to be stirred. A boat is getting ready to be rocked. Hold on to your hats, sisters!

Of course... adore the flowers.