Saturday, January 21, 2006

Where Have I Been?

Collages from my journal pages. I take little bits of pictures--usually from Architectural Digest--things I like the look of and then rearrange them to make something new. These are two of my favorites.

I wanted to post today, but no new pictures and I love posting pictures. This has been a very busy week for me. I worked Tuesday as usual. Then Wednesday I got a call that one more of my volunteer shelvers (at library) was ill and we had four carts of non-fiction waiting to be re-shelved. I co-ordinate the finding, training and keeping of volunteers. So I got dressed and went in to the library and in four and a half hours shelved four carts. I was light headed and rather dizzy.

While at the library there was much discussion of the retirement party for SJ being held on Friday. We had a potluck list but not much else. So I presented a "theme" of Angels and one of my co-workers was willing to make "halos" out of some Christmas trim--wire with little stars- in red, silver, gold and blue. ( they were much cuter and tasteful than party hats).

I went home an gesso'd a stretched canvas a second time and sanded it smooth and then went looking for my acrylic paints. I had brought a book of classic angels home from the library and chose one as my model. My husband prefered the "underpainting" and didn't like the finished angel. It took most of Thursday to paint. Of course, I neglected to photograph the angel. I was scheduled to work again on Friday morning to cover for a co-worker whose husband had a heart attack. So I left the angel with my husband and he was going to make a rough wood, rustic frame for the angel.

When I returned from work at 1:30-Hub was still working on the frame but it looked very nice. A bit too rustic. So I asked if he could sand it a bit to knock off the roughest edges and some of the wood splinters ( for safety sake). He did and the frame was wonderful--in fact later at the party, SJ remarked that she loved the angel but she really loved the frame.

I spent the rest of the afternoon chopping root vegetables for "Roasted Root Vegetables" my entry into the potluck. Turnips, beets, parsnips, rutabaga, butternut squash (not a root), carrots. I was going to add potatoes but I had too much veg as it was. A quarter cup of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of maple syrup and lots of salt and pepper mixed well into the veg cubes ( about 1 inch), then onto sheet pans and into the 400 degree oven for 90 minutes. Then it was "party time". And it was a very nice party with loads of wonderful food and good company.

After the party I drove to my daughter's house where she was hosting a "Stamping" party. I arrived to find only 2 other guests. Everyone had RSVP'd and then not showed up. DD had made tiny little 1" hamburgers (little bun, little burger, slice of cherry tomato, spinach leaf) WAY CUTE !!!, tiny hotdogs (those tiny cocktail sausages), tiny grilled cheese sandwiches for the guests to eat and no one showed up. And her house looked wonderful in a bohemian sort of way. Lots of velour thrown over the couches and chairs.

So I stayed and made a stamped card and ordered some stuff. I don't plan on using what I bought in the "usual" way. In fact, some of my questionable uses threw the party demonstrator for a loop. These "teachers" need to loosen up--they could sell more if these products had "additional" uses. Then I went home and to sleep. And here I am this morning with you. I don't know what I plan to do today but it will probably involve some more cleaning. I wish it would involve more painting. If it does---I'll take a picture this time. That was a dreamy looking angel.


Deb R said...

Can you ask the person who now has the angel to take a photo for you?? Surely they'd understand you wanting a record of it.

Deborah said...

I wish you would have invited ME to the stamping party! Next time, invite me! (As long as it's in the next three weeks.) I love the maple syrup in the vegetables idea. Brilliant.

Marianne Mohib said...

Joanne - this is a test - hope I will come through.