Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Project Runway

Well, I got 4 out 0f 5. I thought Emmett and Chloe would have won because of the window art which was fabulous. The dress was second in my opinion. I'm happy for Daniel and Andrae-they worked well together and it showed in the great dress.

Zulema and Kara---what a mess--I think Zulema plays for the camera. Bossy, know it all. I'd love to see her teamed up with Santino. I'd pay to see that.

Santino and Nick. Does it get any better to have Santino standing on stage with the object of his disgust--Diana-- and know he is 4th to her 5th? I think not. Santino may have been saved tonight by the fact that the judges LIKE Nick. Also their dress was over designed and Diana didn't design at all. Too much entertainment!!! "It's just fashion"

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Deb R said...

Good dish session! (I just posted mine too)

I love the idea of Santino and Zulema together...yowza!!

I wish Nick would have stuck to his original plan of teaming with Chloe instead of letting Emmett edge him out and Santino pull him over. I think Nick and Chloe would make a great team.