Friday, January 13, 2006

Going Postal--My 2 cents

This used to be a failed workshop sample. David Walker. I chose the wrong fabric and a design that was too "picky" and ended up with something I didn't like. While cleaning my workroom, I found this again. And since my worktable (see the WOOD!) is clean I could actually do something. So I cut the sample up into postcards. Four inches by six inches. I used the extra to add details and then looked in the fabric wastebasket for new stuff to add. I covered the cards with my favorite red/orange tulle and then quilted them. Last night I added (not in this photo) some hand embroidery. Now I have to go back to DebR's site and look up the postcard instructions. I don't know what goes on the back.

Now to the "going postal" rant. The Post Office is the best example of a corporation with it's head in the sand and it's ass in the air. They keep charging more for stamps to cover the shortfall because people don't use the mail like they used to in years past. But does the Post Office notice and CHANGE? Oh, No! Just raise the price of stamps.

Bills are paid on line. Seniors drive to the supermarket and give them the bills to save on stamps. I have never understood why the supermarket wants to take care of the bills? Our library patrons hand deliver the Annual Fund donations when they check out books--to"save the stamp". How many Christmas (or Holiday) cards did you get this year. I got very few because most greetings came via the internet. It's even easy to send photos now.

You know what they should do? I'll tell you anyway. Cut the price of stamps to half. Stop delivering mail on Saturday. Raise the price they charge the catalogs. I don't know about you but 80% of the catalogs I get go straight into the trash can, without even a glance inside. So if it cost more to mail them--maybe they would STOP sending them.

Hire people who are even ruder than the ones they have now. That will cut down on walk in traffic. The electric company and everyone else should start sending the bills by email. Other than catalogs, the majority of my mail is bills. They don't have to come in the mail. So by eliminating most of the mail, we can begin eliminating the Post Office. The Post Office in Washington DC that is. That's where the problem exists. All that "administration". Don't be fooled. That extra 2 cents---they got a raise.

My Post Office employees aren't really pleased when customers come to the Post Office. They shuffle paper and refuse to make eye contact. When you ask for something, they say "just a minute" and disappear into the "back". Sometimes they return. I always ask to see all the "new" stamps before making a purchase. They love that. Today I'm going to stop in and ask for 2 cent stamps. They won't have any. Why would they?


Deborah said...

An excellent re-use. Put whatever you like on the back. Card stock, muslin, canvas, watercolor paper. Surely there is something in the trash can that would work. How about catalog covers?

Joanne S said...

STOP THE WORLD!!! It's Friday the 13th, there's a full moon, I think and the clerk at the Post Office SMILED and said Thank You to me.

I purchased 2 cent stamps, 3 cent stamps and 4 cent stamps. I have lots of stamps in the desk drawer and none of them say 39 on them. Must STOP buying stamps!!!

Debra said...

Actually... the post office has to raise rates because of Congress. Several years ago, the PO had $3 billion extra in thier pension fund. They used the money to make improvements within the postal system, but congress wanted that money for themselves.

So congress enacted a law requiring the PO give them $3Billion + each and every year. And to pay congress, they need to raise rates.

But why not raise them to forty cents, and then not raise them for 2 years??

annabel said...

Can't comment on your postal system, but I loved the picture with the blue and orange quilt pieces.I think they would have made a great quilt.