Thursday, January 12, 2006

Journal Pages

Mrs. Mel, DebR and now me. I have several half or three-quarters full books filled with scribbles, recipes, phone numbers, and last but never least-- drawings, and pasted in art pictures and a few collages. The one above is of a little house. I love making house quilts for people. Houses with huge flowers all around. Usually the house has one big door (welcome) and one window--over the door. Below the house are some flowers--my "signature" tulip on the right and some loopy lollipop flowers to the left.

When I saw Deborah's guardian angel in the latest QA, I wondered what an angel of mine would look like. Clocks (time is always an issue isn't it), flowers, leaves, dotted wings and a heart on the chest. I like the striped legs also and of course red shoes. I, like DebR, love red shoes. I have my red slippers on right now.

I borrowed a lovely book on Japanese decorative art from the library. Instead of quickly photocopying the items I liked, I decided to sketch them into my book. As you can see I found a number of things to like. Way over to the right are folded wish or dream requests. These folded strands hang down from temple roofs. As with anything Japanese, the appeal is in multiples of the same simple shape. One beautiful tan reed umbrella with a turquoise paper cap is nice but 8 of them? sublime. I copied out a few of the calligraphy symbols and checked the index to make sure they weren't "bad" things. I'd hate to add one to a quilt and have it say "poop" or something.

While clicking through the channels looking for something to watch, I came across the Travel channel and a lovely hotel on Nantucket. I noted all the things in the hotel decor that called out to me. Now I want to go there on vacation. In the spring or fall. After the tourists--oh, I would never want to be one of those--go home. Since I live in a place where tourists come in droves--oh, I am so very happy when "they" leave -- I know exactly when to book. The Hotel has complimentary breakfast, port and cheese in the afternoon, shuttles to Town and a lobster boat cruise. They even have complimentary movie rentals that come with a silver bowl of fresh popped popcorn. What do you think? $400 a night? $750 a night? $1000 a night?


Deb R said...

I'm afraid to speculate on the hotel...hehehe. But I LOVE your journal pages. I really enjoy looking at people's sketchbooks or journals.

Deborah said...

love the journal pages! Especially the little leaf icon where a few leaves reach out of their little rectangle boundary. What is it with me and leaves?