Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh, Happiest of Days!

This is the VERY FIRST time I have downloaded my own photos from the camera to the computer and then to the blog. The first time. I am so proud of myself. Now I can post pictures without the Hub being here. He can do his work, uninterrupted. Above. Everyone was working on the "art school projects" and as I was working on my journal, I decided to try a few things with some black construction paper. I tore it up and glued it into my journal. My *signature* tulip and something abstract. You know I just thought of something. I should put my signature tulip on my business cards. "!"

A fine art landscape with trees and my torn paper tree. Not using scissors was a decision I made so not to have too much control of the shapes. I'm a perfectionist. Virgo. 100%. So if I had scissors--well, it wouldn't look like this.

Journal page. I love the winter scene on the left. It looks so much like my backyard. I live on the edge of an *open space* that has never been built on or used. Well, the Navy did use it to drop "bombs" in the woods. Guess they have to practice bombing things. I don't know when this happened. The Navy has been nearby since the 1940's. We walked around back in the woods and found big X's and found big metal drums, all rusty, near the X's. But I digress. The painting looks like the peaceful, winter scene I see out my sunny back windows. The right hand page has some journal ideas from Keri Smith (Wish Jar Journal). I believe the quote is hers also. I can't believe I wrote something that profound myself.

Pictures of things I just like the look of with a bit of glare off the skylight above the table. I always thought it would be fun to make a series of small quilts with a bowl as the subject. A bowl of cherries. A blue bowl. An empty bowl. A small bowl. You get it.


Joanne S said...

It's Me. The journal quotes are NOT from Wish Jar Journal. They are from somewhere else. I'll get back to you on the source.

kathy said...

doesn't it make you feel like you've accomplished something REALLY CREATIVE when you conquer one of those technical left brain things? Thank you for the reminder of a journal with favorite pictures...I took a workshop with Natasha (Kempers-Cullen, fellow Mainer) a few years ago ( she had lots of beautiful ones) and have several journals like that...need to do again!

Nikki said...

I really like the bowl idea too. I've even sketched out a couple of ideas but haven't put them to work yet. Excellent job posting your photos!