Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Runway- Be Better???? NOT!

Deja Poo! Santino and Austin with the same fabric and the same crappy result. That fabric should be called "Loser". Where was the ruching??? On this he could have ruched--it was graffitti. He even toned down his HAIR!!!

Daniel's was very well made, finished--except for the collar. If he'd had time I hope he would have cut the neckline and attached a soft ruffled collar. The model had to do a giraffe neck to get a good line. But Andrae's was beautiful, elegant and so inspired by the photograph. He was robbed! The Final Three will include Daniel and Andrae unless they really make a mess in the next few weeks.

Chloe has hit the wall. Her stuff is well made (most of the time) but all the same. The dress tonight wasn't finished--the hem wasn't hemmed. And it didn't look like the building. Maybe if the skirt had more layers. Jay was correct--he had the same time limit and made that gorgeous Chrysler Building dress. Why didn't she use a printed fabric and gather it into "windows"? She never uses a print.

Zulema- What goes around, comes around. Even dogs know not to shit where they eat or sleep. The model--the old one--hated the clothes Zulema made, and that's why she didn't "walk". In a good dress, with some love--and that Nick smile--Zulema's old model strutted. I'm not sorry to see Zulema leave. The African fabrics--color, pattern, and zest were lost on her.

Kara---Keep Out!! Go Away!!! Warning!!! You Are Next.


Deb R said...

Sounds like we had most of the same thoughts this week right on down the line, Joanne!

Elle said...

I'm with you about this week's P.R.! Zulema's jerk behavior (and unfinished clothes) finally got her booted. I thought Aundrae got robbed too!