Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Odds and End of the Month

Yes, I moved the picture down. There is a real learning curve on this. My husband found a book at the bookstore this weekend. Blogging for Dummies. We didn't buy it. Would take all the excitement out of finally figuring something out. Below is a picture of the original artwork that my Mickey D's painting is based on.

I finished a quilt that's been hanging on the design wall for months and will be sewing the binding on tonight while watching tv. My next project will be my "Dreaming Of Africa" quilt. I never owned any African fabric before starting this project but in November I purchased some fat quarters to go around a portrait I made in the summer for QA magazine. I tried very hard to make a portrait of myself and to loosen up I made a face from scraps--wastebasket again! It turned out better and is now the centerpiece of my African quilt. I practiced making some more in my journal.

I also want to do something with these drawings of butterflys and moths. Susan Carlson does such wonderful beatles. they are huge--four feet high. Vibrant colors and all scraps that she collects from students in her classes and from people like me. I once left a gallon bag of scraps for her on the reserve shelf at the library. She was perplexed and then pleasantly happy about the unexpected bounty. I was pleased to see my scraps in her work. Susan uses the scrap of fabric in the shape and size it exists--she doesn't do any trimming. I trim.

So far this has been a very strange winter here in Maine. Unseasonable warm weather (for Maine) and very little snow. Today was gloomy and the snow from yesterday was brown and slushy on the streets and sidewalks. Ugh. The flu has finally arrived and people are starting to get sick. It starts with a very bad headache. I hope my "Christmas Day" flu shot works. So off I go to sew on binding. See you next month. Ha Ha.

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