Monday, June 26, 2017

Thinking Forward

Drawers for dishes.  Now I would want this next to the dishwasher--or nearby and not next to the microwave or oven--whichever is being shown in this picture.  But dishes in a drawer is the way to go in any new kitchen I design.

We used the new master bath last night and this morning.  "Where's my....." was the question from both of us.  And, while not massively large the bath seemed very tight yesterday as it was shared. And neither of us can dunk our heads to wet our very short haircut (removing bedhead) under the new faucets.  These are things that happen.  I still haven't had a shower in the new walk in.

But the guys are here taking apart the hall bath so my next shower WILL be in the new walk in.

The new Painter is here caulking nail holes--in everything.  Seems the old Painter had painted all the ceilings so that is finished.

I wasn't aware of it--- but Saturday (last) was my last day at work until Fall.  I missed it.  Called out due to the amount of heat and because I was too busy clearing out the hall bath.  And truth be told.  I was very weary.  Not just tired.  But "done" with going to work and not doing much and couldn't face 9 hours of it.  They say they missed me.  That was nice of them to say but I don't know how true it was.

Today I have more tiny seedlings to "prick" out of their seedling container and relocate them into larger spaces.  Native perennials.  Boneset.  Virginia Creeper.  Ironweed.  "Picky" work but needs to be done and I kind of enjoy it.  It's very Virgo.

I am 30% into Nesbo's new Harry Hole thriller.  The Thirst.  It is going along slowly.  But, since I have missed Harry Hole, I don't mind.  I might just start reading again, from the beginning, to enjoy Harry's take no prisoner's personality.  And the brutality.

And that may be my summer.   I have eggplant to bread and fry for meals the rest of the week (eggplant parmigiana is a favorite).  And fruit for smoothies.  And of course-- a couple long naps. when the nail gun is silent.

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Annie said...

I can't think of anything worse than having dishes almost on the floor. I don't bend well,ouch my back, would you really like that?

Have a great, relaxing summer. It certainly has started off nicely weatherwise, love these sunny days, til the humidity comes back later in the week. Not so nice!