Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Black & White Bathrooms

I guess I got it wrong.  The vanity in my remodeled bathroom is white.  I visited a Black and White Pinterest site and noticed more black in the combos than white.  Black walls, doors etc.  I had asked my general contractor about making the doors black---but he wasn't a fan.  Well, that is an understatement.

The shower had a few of the wrong parts but now (with additional purchases) it should be good to go today.  Showers for everyone!!!  Doors are going in in the hallway AND in the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms.  G ordered closet doors for both rooms.  I wasn't going to but he did.  Now all the doors in that wing of the house are the same.  Now we need to find a new painter.

This house was built in 1984 and has "settled" (I think that's the polite word for the swing and sway of the door frames) and a lot of shims are being used to get things leveled.  As they get closer to the front hallway--more swinging and swaying.  Right now the "pantry" which was actually meant to be the door to the basement stairs is being shimmed.  No basement due to high water at the time of construction.  Must have looked like they were digging a swimming pool.  We do have a 4 foot deep crawlspace.  The workers have been down there quite a bit--especially the electrician and plumber.--causing a shock to Riley when their heads pop up out of the opening in the pantry floor.  It's funny to us and not funny to Riley.

I am home today as the air quality doesn't suit my breathing situation.  And I feel "unwell" without any specific symptoms.  Need to rest on the couch until I feel able to get up again and do things.
I watered the plants on the porch and the shade garden plants.  And my two new peach trees.  Now I am resting.

Finished reading the new thriller by the author of "The Girl On The Train".  The new one is titled "Into The Water".   I bet there was lots of discussion of titling it "The Girl In The Water".  I was not "shocked" by the ending.  I was not really turning pages to find out the ending. It was certainly not like the first book.  In fact, I always suspect that the second book was actually the first book the author wrote and no one wanted to publish.  Then--fame with book 2 and suddenly book one looks like a money maker---cause we'll buy it expecting a thriller.  And we get--- well, not a thriller.  My book was a 7 day quick loan from my library.

I have two 10 ounce jars of Peach Blueberry Smoothie with frozen banana and a handful of raw cashews for creaminess in the fridge.  There is also some plain yogurt and a tiny bit of vanilla syrup in the mixture. I made and drank them last summer.  Better than trying to eat food.  I told you I was feeling odd.

That's about all I have to share today.  Library is holding the new Nesbo book "Thirst" for me and I think the grocery might have a four pack of brownies with my name on it in the bakery section.  I have to wait until I can get my car out of the driveway.  Blocked in with trucks.

Absolutely no interest by the neighbors in what has been going on over here for 3.5 months.  Not even the trucks hauling a total of 72 yards of fill for the side yard.  Not a peep.  Perhaps they think we are running a business out of the garage?????


Life Scraps and Patches said...

Oh, my. In my neighborhood there would be lots of neighbor interest, if only because the trucks would upset the urban parking balance. But other than that, my neighbors are curious about what goes on. Who is doing what. Who is walking a new dog. Whose adult child has moved back in. Perhaps it's because my street is only two short blocks long, kind of a mini neighborhood all its own.

Annie said...

Ha,ha, the neighbor situation caught my attention too. I'm the nosy neighbor on my road,always peeking from behind the curtains at what's going on. I will then go right up and start a conversation if it's something interesting.I definitely didn't like the day my next door neighbor died unexpectedly at home, police,ambulances,hearse, the whole thing. I would like to unsee that incident.