Saturday, June 24, 2017

Next Up...Paint

That's all that's left to do now.  Paint everything.  Trim, the new hall doors, closet interiors, walls, ceilings.  Geez.  That sounds like so much.

Oh, the vanity drawers in the master now have "pulls".  And G's shower supplies are lined up in the little niche in the shower wall.  Making himself at home.  The toilet paper roll is on the window sill. I don't know why but that roll on the window sill in such a spiffy black and white modern bathroom--well, it makes me laugh.

Monday the guys are tearing apart the hall bathroom. ( shuttering)  They say it'll be "easy" as there is no construction. (Famous last words in Demo) Vanity replaces vanity.  Tub replaces tub.  etc.  There is new flooring (heated), new tile work in the bath surround,  and paint.  The new door is in but none of the trim work. Oh, and we'll need to order the new mirror once everything is in place and the granite and sink are in.......  see?  Easy.  Another 2 to 3 weeks.  I hope not into August.

I am still getting used to the kitchen counter height of the vanities.  The chair height toilet.  I feel "shorter" when I use the new things.  Then taller when in the hall bath with the old things.  Like Alice in Wonderland.  Growing and shrinking.

And with that Dear Readers, the construction project that began demo in Mid March will be completed.  Now, I started work on emptying and sorting etc in early February (or even January)  So, it's been a long time for me to be packing, moving, sorting, finding, not finding, moving, sorting etc.

In Other News:

My friend has found a commercial 80 foot hoop greenhouse for sale at a very good price.  It has to be taken apart and moved.  She can use 40 feet and asked if I could find a use for the other 40 feet and then we could split the cost.  I said, I think I could. (laughing)  Includes the plastic and the watering system.  I can picture it out behind the fenced veggie garden.  So, from the house I would be looking at the sideview.  

I wonder if the General Contractor and friends will be interested in helping us take it apart and transport it?  I don't have anymore classic roadsters to tempt them with. Darn it.

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