Friday, June 23, 2017

Guess It's Going To Rain All Day

The Gardener in me is pleased to see and hear the rain falling.  That means I don't have to haul hose and water.  And Rain is softer and absorbs into the earth so much easier.

The Reader in me is also pleased as I can settle into the couch and read my book.  G is going out with Riley to get the paper.  Morning News.  Riley may not enjoy the rain.  It always surprises him.

Last night, before bed, Riley and I went out to look at the stars.  The entire sky was filled.  So many layers of stars.  It was amazing.  Stars all the way to the ground.  And I was expecting a sun filled day today. I was wrong.

Construction continues.  The master bathroom is now complete.  Just needs those items that mean people are using it.  Towels, soap etc.  G has taken the first shower.  The mirrors went in yesterday. Now that I can see what the room looks like with the mirror I can judge what sort of lights would look good in there.  Lights that hang over the tall mirrors will reflect and look like double lights. Also up so high..... do we want to look up at lightbulbs?  The Electrician said it takes some new bathroom owners a year or more to decide on the lights. pressure.

Today, with the rain, I guess we might have the last of the trim work done around the new doors.  Closet and hall.  Or they may take the day off.  Or--horrors--they may decide to start taking apart the hall bath.  The Painter is coming to look at the situation.  This is Painter number two.  Number One is "no longer available".  I'm not sure if he decided he didn't want to paint here anymore or if we decided we didn't want him to paint here anymore.

Yesterday was a "Bad Day" for Riley here at home.  I was gone (working) and G was gone (working) and Riley was here destroying the kitchen and the breezeway.  Really.  The breezeway door looks like he clawed it.  Things were spilled.  Things were chewed up.  There was barking.  The General Contractor and Others did their best to clean up and then let Riley out.  And he was fine after that and then G got home.  Sort of a Hissy Fit.  Totally out of character.  Perhaps Riley has had enough construction noise and would like a quiet day?  Ten Year Old Dogs are different.  Especially when taking Prednisone.

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