Saturday, June 10, 2017

Not My Kitchen--But My Tile Floor

Yes, I trolled the internet and found my tile in a very nice photo.  This tile, laid just like it is here, in my bathrooms (well, only one of them so far) and in the entrance hallway.  I thought it was slate but it's actually ceramic.  From Italy.  I am very happy to have Italy under my feet.

I dislike the black cabinets with the tile floor in the photo--way too dark.  Perhaps it's a display kitchen as there are two different counter tops as well?

The tile guy suggested to G that we use a shower curtain in the hall/guest bath instead of a custom glass door.  It's what he would do.  I kind of like the idea.  We need the glass door in the big walk-in shower but not in the guest bath.  With the soaking tub.  So, we decided to "save money" which is laughable.  We aren't "saving money" on anything even as I try to do just that.

My 9 hour day at work today was way longer than I wanted it to be.  I was ready to go home at 2:30. Which was when I used my rescue inhaler.  My voice had gotten "thready" by then.  Three cubic bales of ProMix by 2:30.  That many large repots.  That much mixing of bone, dust dry peat (treated with wetting agent) with water.  Then scooping it into pots etc.  And all the walking to help customers out in the Perennial yard.  Walking, walking, walking.  Talking, talking, talking.  Mixing, mixing, mixing.  And then I was asked to water plants.

What the heck is wrong with me??????  But who would tell them how to get rid of ants? (Borax from grocery store) Brown tail caterpillars (Bt)  Mildew on pumpkin leaves (sour milk or whey and water in a spray bottle)  Cats in the garden beds (plastic forks--pointy sides up-- ouch!)  Start a new bed (cover grass and/or weeds with cardboard--soak in water and cover with mulch or soil).  Lilacs need pruning (remove 30% of oldest branches at ground level) when they stop flowering--not fertilizer.  Daylilies are good, sturdy plants for around the mailbox where the snow plow dumps 6 feet of snow in the Winter.

Now I am going to bed.

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Annie said...

Ooh, love the ceramic flooring! Joanne, I can't believe you are damaging your health with your job, one day your rescue inhaler isn't going to work. You should start a website with your information, and the customers can be sent there for your knowledge. : )