Sunday, June 04, 2017

Georgia Peaches

My local grocery chain is advertising Georgia Peaches and I MUST go buy them.  My six years living in Georgia (outside Atlanta) was formative in my cooking history.  Going from college to married in a few weeks.  Then going to Georgia where both my babies were born and raised for awhile.  Georgia Peach Cobbler.  Peach Pie.  Peach Smoothies--- well, not in Georgia.

The grocery peaches are not ready to eat.  I have figured out a method to ripen them.  The cover I put over microwave dishes.  Plastic with an adjustable vent to let out steamy air.  Works beautifully with peaches.  Tuck them under (tricky to buy just the right number of peaches to fit) and then let them gas each other on the kitchen counter until ripe enough for you to eat.  And when you eat them be sure the juices run down your chin and onto your white linen shirt.   Just saying...........

I planted things on Friday.  Arugula.  Kale.  Collards (Georgia roots yet again).  My window boxes with an assortment of throw away plants from work-- nothing precious.  I have nasturtiums, basil, and sunflowers to plant today before it starts to rain.

And I want to pot up some of my abundant supply of Lily of the Valley for my neighbor.  The neighbor with the old dog G takes care of when she is away.  Lily of the Valley reminds her of her mother.  It will be a nice welcome back home gift.

Long time customers at work yesterday.  Hugs.  Happy to see them and be seen by them.  This is my strongest tie to work.  These sweet long time customers.  We are all growing old together and would miss seeing each other.  Knowing we are still walking the surface of the planet is a comfort.

The little solar powered birdbath pump is doing a good job.  Makes a nice tower of water when the sun is bright, shorter when the sun isn't and then stops when a stray cloud passes over.  The area where it was intended to go--too shady.  Well, too many stray clouds passing by.  So it is outside the window by Riley's kitchen dog bed.  No birds.  But I hope some come for a drink and a shower someday soon.  G and I enjoy looking at it spraying and spinning around the bird bath.

So many things are in blossom right now.  The rhodies--especially the big white one.  Full of blossoms and scent.  Not heavy but sweet on the breezes.  The Beauty Bush has lots of blossoms still closed.  The lilacs still hold their flowers but they are getting tired looking.  Both are French and deeply violet blue and perfumed.  The azaleas are in flower.  Mostly pink.  I purchased two new ones--in white.  It gets shady and white is nice.  The crab apple trees are done flowering and showering the yard with white and pink petals--like rain.  Next up are the viburnum.  The front bed is full of Lily of the Valley.  Wo Peng my reluctant Tree Peony has more leaves and stems than ever before but no evidence it will make it's first flower in over 15 years in my garden.  I can still hope a flower will appear in my lifetime.

How does your garden grow?

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