Monday, January 18, 2016

Snow Dog & Old Dog

I just watched G get himself prepared to walk in the woods with Riley.  Yes, coat, hat, mittens.  But then he had to add those things you snap around your legs to keep your pant legs dry.  And bending over isn't all that easy for us oldies.  Then he strapped on the snow shoes.  By the time he was dressed the dog was begging to get going.  G was ready for a nap.

They are only going halfway.  The long way is too much.  For G.  I am staying inside, still coughing and still using the inhaler.  Not all that much different from last winter.

We watched both football games yesterday.  Both were seriously disappointing.   In the second, neither quarterback was in any condition to play at playoff level. One of them--in orange--seemed confused most of the time.  Then we switched to Downton Abbey.  Why is the last year of a series always so lame?

Sunday we almost ran out of potato chips.  We are eating way too many.

Cleaned out a few lingering food items from the fridge.  G got a roast turkey breast from the store and I'll be steaming broccoli and making Stove Top for his dinner later today.  I also have pumpkin pie I baked yesterday.  My third try at the new (to me) pizza dough recipe was the best one yet.  We had that Saturday evening with football.

Today my plan is to eat a really gigantic green salad.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Oh, wow! Pumpkin pie! Sounds awesome. And, potato chips. My baby quilt group met today and we went to the little deli nearby for lunch. I love to go there - the sandwiches are good, but the best thing is the potato chips that come with them.