Friday, January 22, 2016

British Sofa

Very cozy looking and the cushions are slouching off the front edge.  I can't imagine being able to get up off the thing once seated.  Sigh.  That's how it would be if I were furniture shopping these days.  Could I get up off the seat of the chair or couch.

Big snow is forecast.  We are being told it won't affect us.  Just cold.  Colder.  Sun is still shining here in Maine.  I am off to the library to deliver the bits and pieces of the interactive quilt project.  I won't know if it's enough until I get there.  May cut a few black crows out of black felt.  Just to gild the lily as they say.

My cold continues.  Not as much coughing these days.  But I have this "swimmy" feeling in my head. It's similar to how I feel with a fever, but I don't have a fever.  And this isn't the flu as I have no aches and pains.  Just a cough and this dizzy feeling.  And I know exactly when the DayQuil wear off---

G wants us to have an "outing" each day.  To go somewhere or do something.  Outside the confines of the house.  Because of unemployment, most of my "outings" are to fill out job applications.  If I can fill out applications.  At Home Depot (with the help of an employee) we couldn't find the employment department on the store kiosk.  So no application filed.  I am only trying for employment in my "field" this year.  My field being greenhouse or plant care.  And it can't involve much driving as my driving vision (at dusk, in snow, when it rains etc) is seriously terrible. If on coming cars have their headlights on--I can't see anything. G just wants me to stop trying to satisfy unemployment.  Give it up.

It's a continuing discussion but I think he is winning most days.

Yesterday my little car got a new battery.   Now the radio will play when I drive into Town.

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