Sunday, January 03, 2016

2016- More Painting

And, hopefully, more of my own photographs here on the blog.  I am already trying to institute a daily journal habit.  Not writing (which is okay) but drawing and then some writing (which is better). And using paint, makers, glue sticks and other stuff.  Just making stuff is better than doing nothing.

The Universe has also given me an artistic opportunity for February.  Art.  Interactive. For the Library. I have an idea.  Need to make samples and then see if the Library agrees or disagrees with my idea.  It will be hands on.  If nothing else: I will be using fabric and the sewing machine for the first time since 12x12 stopped having challenges.

I got out the paints at the end of December for a high schooler working where I work.  I showed her a few techniques and gave her a boxed set of pastels that I rarely, if ever, used.  She wants to study fashion and wants to paint her fashion designs in watercolor.  Her excitement got me thinking.  Where has mine gone?????

I am up to #8 on the clearing up clutter list.  I read about that clutter book that's the rage right now.  In order to do the bookcases or my closet, I have to take everything it OUT, pile it on the floor and then assess the "spark of joy" that each time gives me before replacing it on the bookshelf or in the closet. Since anything (and I mean this literally) made of linen "sparks with joy" almost everything goes back in the closet--even though I rarely wear any of it.  I need to refine my "spark" before starting.  And what about different sizes for different weights.  Do you get rid of the delightful shirt or pants now and then later when you weigh less---can't find replacements?

Going by what I wear on a daily basis-----I could actually get rid of 95% of what is in the closet.  Same pants everyday in past 2 weeks (washed), same sweater, same scarf/shawl.  When I worked it was the exact same clothing in each season.  Washed after work, dried and worn again the next day etc.  I was gifted a second pair of pants (which was exactly the same as the first) and wore those but it just wasn't the "same" so I switched back.  After work, same clothing every day.  When I do shop I try and buy a "repeat" of the item I love to wear.

Now, reading this--I can see that cleaning out the closet should be SUPER easy.  I just need to choose the BEST of each category and then the second best.  Get rid of all the rest or pack away in the attic in case, heaven help me, I actually lose any weight, smaller sizes of the same things I wear now.  Which I see as being virtually impossible.  Losing weight, I mean.

Today I am going up into the attic (actually the second floor guest room) and look for an old book so I can tear out pages, paint them and then tear them into pieces to make collages.  If I can't find one--I will have to sacrifice a dictionary to ART.  I prefer the pulpy thick paper of educational manuals from the 50's and 60's.  Wish me luck!

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