Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Now Here's An Interesting Thing

Not the paperwhites.  Though I started mine a few days after Christmas and they are up and about 8 inches tall with buds. Never too late.  Most garden centers probably still have some.  Just need a bowl or glass vase, some rocks or pebbles (or marbles) and water.  Mine are on the window sill. I planted 8 in my container.  8 looks right.

Okay--here's the interesting thing.  Ever since I stopped working for the winter, I have awoken in the morning with the faint traces of the night's dream.  I may dream but never remember any of them, before these.  These I remember like a handful of photos.  And, they are all about work.  Not my regular work. All  the "jobs" are strange yet wonderful.  Last night I remember --military uniforms--country location--stone cottage--vintage vehicles.  I wake up happy.  Relaxed.  Refreshed.

In another one I remember -- large, large building--sort of a factory--dirt floor--green overall uniform--noisy--earthy.

I am trying to be conscious of any fragments I remember each morning as I wake.  Wouldn't it be fascinating if these are all jobs I have had in past lives?  But more likely I am remembering scenes I have seen on television or envisioned in books. I don't see myself but see the surroundings from my viewpoint.  And throughout the dream I am working.  Going about the business of the job. Whatever it was.  Like I wrote at the beginning--my memory on waking is like looking at a handful of photos.

Today I am going to sort all the paperwork I have collected in my bill paying bag.  Sort it and arrange the important things by date, shred the unimportant stuff, sort out the tax papers.  I plan to pile the "shred" things on the shredder and then go back and look them over before actually shredding.  I don't want to have to sort and paste documents back together.  My bag includes all sorts of things we get in the mail.  Most not a bit important.  Easier to just stuff it all in the bag (at the time) rather than try and decide what's important.

 I am always reminded of shredding years and years and years of bill receipts my dad saved.  And this was after my brother shredded and filled a whole carton of large garbage bags of paper a few years previous.  I do remember shredding Medicare papers and having to have the past 12 months reprinted and mailed to me---when obnoxious doctors, labs etc decided to "try" to get paid a second time by the estate.   The wonderful clerk at Medicare said it happens all the time and then mailed me two very fat packages of copies.  My dad loved going to the doctor.

G and I went to see Star Wars on Monday.  I actually loved it.  But I could be sentimental.  I was reminded of 1977 and my little boy.  He LOVED Star Wars.  And would have been delighted by little BB8.  Harrison Ford always looks great.  And Chewy.


Life Scraps and Patches said...

I loved Star Wars too. Both this new one and the 1977 one. Remember all those little figures? For some reason, there is a little droid in my tool box, not sure why. It isn't in good shape, but I can't get rid of it.

Paula, the quilter said...

I woke up this morning with a shred of a dream. I was trying to get to a plane that was blocked by a combination of big brown bears and people. They were all the attendees of an Allman Brothers concert. So I decided to go around them but was again blocked but this time by baby elephants and a baseball game. And I heard a voice say, "Don't worry. It was built by extremely high American roadies."

Whaaa? I think I need to get around some obstacles, don't I?

Dreams are so funny.