Saturday, January 09, 2016

It's Here

I did something that had been relegated to "someday" for years and years.  Yesterday I was invited to a retirement party for a dear sweet woman I worked with for almost 10 years.  Her history isn't my story to tell--but she overcame a great deal with the help of a women's support group.

Going to a gathering of employees of the place where I used to work--a place that nearly broke my heart when I had to leave-- is not easy.  But I dressed up, fixed my hair and just got into the car and ...went.

At the gathering I smiled (with my heart in my eyes) at my dear friend--who was so happy to see me. Little did I know, but she had specifically asked that more than a few "former" employees be invited. Her "people" was the way she referred to everyone at the party.  Lovely.

And I did something I never do.  I mingled.  I just walked over to people I didn't know and asked how they knew the party girl.  They talked and I listened.  It was quite wonderful.  I am always happy to re-learn this truth.  A person you love and enjoy being with, will have other friends who you will enjoy knowing.  I think everyone at the party went home with tired face muscles.  I reconnected with so many people from years ago.  And was reminded of how very much they all meant to me. I had missed them----

Last night's dream fragments:  I was working underground, pulling cable and making connections for something with a group of co-workers.

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Gretchen said...

There's a commercial playing on the radio now about someday being here. I'm happy it was for you, that you chose to attend the party and that it turned out to be an especially nice time for you. Hope there are many more times like this one in store for you...