Monday, April 27, 2015

Looks Like The Guest Room Upstairs

Really.  I don't think there are many rooms like this, but I could be wrong.

I am working too much I think.  Had a lovely walk in the woods today with Riley and my friend. Then G and I worked on the pile of dirt the snow plow dumped on the street edge of the property. I did most of it but G helped.

Reading a good book--Broken Harbor by Tana French.

My seedlings are doing very well in the styrofoam "hot box"--with one pot of tomato seeds germinating in just 30 hours.  The flat leaf parsley isn't doing anything.  I may need to try again. Right now I have five pots of seeds under lights and five in the box.

I need an extra day off this week and I might be able to get the carrots, kohlrabi and onions into the garden.  Do you think I could actually manage to get an extra day off????  Didn't think so.

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