Monday, May 04, 2015

And Suddenly...Winter Disappeared

We are enjoying warm weather here in Maine.  70's.  Which was what the temp was last.....well, I think it was last August.  I am NOT complaining.  Warm is most excellent.

G has been to 2 Cardio Rehab classes.  He doesn't like the lectures but does enjoy the stretching and exercises and after--in the cool down segment of rehab, he has been meditating.  The RN is concerned re: his blood pressure is too low for her comfort.  100/60.  G learned to meditate when he took karate lessons.  There was stretching, action and meditation.  Now, he uses that experience in rehab.  Perhaps they should teach all the participants to meditate?

I am now working five full days.  It happened last week.  I wasn't asked and, truth be told, I hadn't noticed.  But when I did notice I was suddenly exhausted. (laughing)

I am overjoyed to have tomorrow off.  I started digging in the herb bed on Sunday (after shopping for socks) and managed to wrestle the outlaw mint plants out of the path and out from under the raised bed--where they had made their "escape".  I even have a bag of soil to re-locate them in sturdy pots.
My peas are popping up their little heads in the far right bed and all the rescued bulbs (blown flowers) are now tucked into new homes in the back yard beds.

The rhubarb has been given lobster compost in hopes of a large supply of rhubarb this year.  I think the rhubarb is having a difficult time in the very sandy soil where it is planted.  I added two full bags of compost and I think I could even add two more.  I mixed it in well and the resulting soil was looking very sandy---still.

We have three tiny "christmas trees" to plant somewhere in the back lawn.  Really tiny.  About 18 inches high.  Adorable.  I have a large bag filled with moss for future fairy gardens.  I have seeds to start in my styrofoam "hot box".  I have the carrot beds to fertilize and refresh before planting the toilet paper carrot seed tapes. It's too warm the next two days.  I need a few cloudy, cool days with light rain.

I have tomorrow off.  Lovely stuff.  A day off.

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