Friday, April 24, 2015

Overwhelmed With Post It's

This would be a horrible idea.  All those notes to one's self dangling overhead.  Unless of course they are notes of love and devotion overhead for a birthday or anniversary.

I have a list on the pantry door.  A long list. Which is bad enough. Some of it is things to do and some of it is things to think about.  I have an additional list of recipes to make or just think about.  My appointment with my doctor is on May 6th and I am FAR away from the number we agreed on.  I am seriously trying but I think I will have to ask for help.  Either a program or a medicine.

I eat mostly yogurt with fruit (from the freezer and my garden) or a salad with some kind of protein.  Right now it's a green salad with carrots and no dressing and pile of crock pot BBQ'ed pork. I sometimes have tuna salad with the plain greens and carrot. I now have a recipe for curried chickpeas that I can use for the protein but a commenter on the Simple Veganista blog said she made the curried recipe with a can of tuna.  I also love the plain greens with chicken salad.  No carbs.

I think my problem is not eating when I actually feel hungry.  It's not time to eat, or I am too busy to eat or I have nothing proper to eat when I get hungry.  Then I just eat (random) things and never feel satisfied. I need to eat sitting down.  Slowly.  I just wish it worked out that way at work.  But it doesn't.  I was halfway through my yogurt with peaches and raspberries when the truck arrived yesterday and then failed to make myself a proper salad when it was time to eat at home.  So the day was a fail.  Breakfast is working just fine.

And my knee has started to hurt like it did last Spring.  No swelling yet.  I have the pad stuck to the side of my foot and I am using this roller thing my daughter got from the running store.  You roll it over tight muscles (which are tender so it isn't a pleasant feeling until you stop) and you feel better. She used it for ankle tendon issues and foot pain.  I rolled it over my back (and G's) and then up and down the back of my right knee.  It feels better this morning.  I think it's the abrupt return to the cement greenhouse floors and the uneven gravel in the perennial yard.  And I'm getting older and older and doing the same amount of physical labor.  I was 60 when I started this job and now I am 68.5.  And this year I have all the work at home to do as well.  I have limited my exposure to work (how fun is that?) to 3.5 days.  So, I go to work 4 days a week but get to leave early on one of those days.  Two hours early.  The maximum time I am sitting on those four days is 15 to 30 minutes.  The rest of the time I am standing, walking, bending or hauling things around.  Why am I so fat?????

I brought a foam Omaha Steaks cooler box from work (the dumpster) and inserted my seed starting mat into the bottom and my pots of seeds.  G says it's too warm.  But I think it might be "just right" with the lid a bit off to the side.  The pink zinnias (8 of the seeds) have germinated already but not much else.  Seeds need heat to germinate quickly.  Especially the tomato seeds.

I have seeds (new to me) named for two WWII dictators.  One from Italy (Mussolini) and one variety from Romania.  Collected by Italians coming to America and the other from an oil contractor bringing a ripe tomato home from Romania.  Both are supposed to be very delicious. Tomato growing is never boring.

The house across the street from me is now up for sale.  The advertisement had 36 photos of the rooms in the house.  It all looks so "artificial" (and gorgeous) but I hope nice people come to look and buy.  My neighbor can no longer afford to live across the street from me.  A combination of employment issues, poor health and rising property taxes.

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