Thursday, April 16, 2015

And This Is What I Have Been Doing......

Teaching Classes.  Working.  Being Nurse Joanne.  Not Cooking.  Walking The Dog.

All this activity has also increased my weight. Yeah.  Go figure how that works.

On Tuesday I taught two classes after being at work from open to 3 pm.  My day lasted exactly 12 hours and then I got to go home and change the dressing on G's "zipper" which has opened due to an allergic reaction to the stitches.  It's healing and the surgeon's office is happy with my work.

G is actually doing very well.  He sits in the sunshine most afternoons and gets his dose of vitamin D from the sun, sleeps well, is reading his book at a good clip, and even did a bit of repair work on his webbed lawn chair when it self destructed the other day.  In between, he is driving himself to a multitude of doctor's appointments and tomorrow is his first day at Cardio Rehab.

The photo up top is of a Fairy Garden.   Saturday I am teaching Small Space Gardening at 10 am and Build a Fairy Garden at 2 pm.  I am so looking forward to this class.  Right now I only have one person signed up but, hopefully, the little "demo" garden I made up today will interest somebody else.

On my walk with Riley after work (my days are long), in the woods, (which has finally shed about 75% of it's snow cover), I collected lots of bark, moss and lichens.  Two handsful and a pile more between my arm and shoulder.  Tomorrow (my day off) Riley and I will be digging up moss for the class.  I like a Fairy Garden to look "woodsy".  Like the fairy just left home to go looking for an acorn cap to use as her dinner plate.  The Borrowers books were big favorites of mine.  All those tiny things they "borrowed" from the house for their little house.  Matchboxes for beds, etc.

Which brings me round to my weight.  Way more than I thought it would be.  I am feeling quite defeated as I haven't really been eating badly since March 4th.  I think I had salads in the hospital cafeteria most days.  Not much for dinner.  Always bran flakes for breakfast.  Most days it's yogurt and fruit for lunch and a salad for dinner.  Treats are limited to popcorn or a Dairy Queen cone. I'm going to "think" it's water retention and hope for better things tomorrow.  But my ring isn't tight.

And that's what is going on here.  It's all good.  I do have to collect all the sticks and twigs off the lawn (front and back) and then G might show me how to use the gas powered brush to get all the sand off the lawn out by the street.  Orphan Black is coming back on this week.  The Americans is getting very dark and it was nice to see Joss back on Person of Interest which has rating problems due to all the boring Samaritan story line which seems endless.  And Shaw is gone.  Presumed dead.  All the best shows end up doing something to kill the ratings.  Even Elementary.


diane said...

So happy to hear that you are all okay and your silence is due to too much happening rather than something being wrong. The weight gain might be stress related -it really is hard to say. Just remember to take good care of yourself while you take care of everyone and everything else. Hugs to you.

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