Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter Everyone

Nothing I like better than polka dot rabbits.  Well, carrots are pretty good, too.

I worked today.  And no one cooked dinner.  So we went to Chinese and G had a big bowl of hot and sour soup.  He is always feeling cold these days.  It could be the meds that are slowing his heart rate or it could just be a lack of exercise.  He walks but mostly he sits and reads or sleeps.  He starts cardio rehab later in the month.

I am back to work.  Three and one half days.  I find I enjoy having 3 days off.  This week two of them were in a row and that was very nice indeed.  I set those two days aside for doing the taxes but I only needed five hours on the first day.  So, the second day was like a holiday.

I wish I had planned ahead and cut some branches to force in the house.  I have a lovely collection of eggs and rabbits from my years in Germany and loved having an Easter Tree to decorate the house back then.  I always forget to do the same here in the US of A.  Why?  Holidays were so much easier to plan for in Germany.  The shops had plenty of tiny eggs and rabbits for sale.  Not candy and toys.
I don't even know what is traditional to eat on Easter in Germany.  Or I have forgotten.  Marimo will you remind me????

Next year.  Remind me.  I need a calendar for 2016 to write notes into.  Like the past me reminding the future me of important dates.  I remember doing that one December.  Writing in the new year calendar where I had put the new lights and decorations I had purchased in the after holiday sales.
And, true to form--by the next December I had forgotten about them.  Great to see the reminder.

Now---I need to find a 2016 calendar.


diane said...

My father-in-law had quadruple bypass surgery many years ago. He was always cold after the surgery, too. It took several months but it did go away. I hope G continues to improve and that his rehab will help him back to a "normal" life again.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Love those polka dot rabbits. I don't know whether it's done in Germany, but my Swiss family always had "red beet eggs," hard boiled eggs that had been pickled in beet juice. Those pink eggs with yellow yokes were so lovely. And they had fresh horseradish with them.

MariMo said...

Sorry for being late - we are renovating our house and it has been quite messy over here. Gründonnerstag it's hardboiled eggs, boiled potatoes and the famous Frankfurter "Grüne Soße". Favourite dish for easter is lamb - cooked with many vegetables. Also freshly baked bread, in the shape of a lamb. And, of course, eggs - hardboiled and hand painted. We use onion skins to get lovely beige-brown eggs. And yes, I gained weight sgain......