Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Wish I Had Tomorrow Off

I got used to having Sunday and Monday off.  And now I have to go to work on Monday.  Poo.

The Fairy Garden I made as a sample sold just as I was going to get it to show to the people in my vegetable gardening class.  So, after class, I had to build another one.  Quickly.

Three people showed up to build a fairy garden and one of them was seven years old with the attention span of a gnat.  Her sharp little voice was more than I could stand but I just counted to ten and kept saying "not yet" as she tried doing things out of order.  Later I realized the older woman with her was so much worse.  At that point, the seven year old had run off to look for a "fairy" and was unavailable for me to appreciate.  All three gardens looked very nice.

I then used the extra container to make a second "sample" for anyone wanting a fairy garden.  I used up the entire bag of mosses Riley and I collected and all the bark and twigs and most of the acorns and caps (the seven year old wanted her fairy to have a complete set of dinner plates).  No one made a fairy banner but I think the seven year old might have liked it--if she had stayed around more.  But--searching for fairies is difficult work.

Today, G and I went to Patty's house to help prune her grapes.  When we got there it was warm but the chill arrived mid-way.  It was hard getting G to "not over do" in the physical work.  He was supposed to sit in the lawn chair and supervise.  I circled some of the vines in a box for future grape vine wreath making.  The remainder of the vines got clipped--by me-- into an easily moved pile of same size pieces.  About 3 feet tall.

Now we are home.  Riley threw up his supper. And I was ever so pleased he did so on the plain wooden floor and not on the beige carpet.  I found the new shoe laces I had misplaced.  I have 8 containers of seeds planted and sitting on top of the heating pad (one made for plants) and feel like I am actually "getting somewhere".  G has a large quantity of "seed tape" made up for carrots and kohlrabi.  We use toilet paper and flour and water paste.  Beets next time.  I have already planted my peas.  I did not get to pick up the tree limbs and branches off the front lawn.  I had wanted to get that done today.  It'll have to wait.

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